Autumn 2020

I taught a workshop on contemporary street arts dramaturgy in Lisbon (Centro Cultural Malaposta). A real pleasure. Thanks for the invitation to Bruno Costa and Daniel Vilar from Bússola. I’m also thankful to have worked with all the people attending, all great artists. See you soon!!!

Autumn 2020

We have been working for a long time on a new episode of We Fear created especially for Seoul Street Arts Festival in Korea. Finally, and after fighting for it to the end, it has fallen. The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has led the festival organizers to cancel the edition scheduled for this 2020. Despite our sadness, Eva Marichalar-Freixa and we are grateful with the fact of having met an extraordinary team of people and swam completely unexpected and refreshing waters. To be continued ...

Summer 2020

From Chile, the renowned company La Patriótico Interesante invited me to its online program ‘La calle No calle’. It was a big pleasure! You can watch it here.


22/05/2020 - Participation in Inminente:  Talks about art in times of pandemic by Chroma Teatre.


23/01/2020 – La defensa Alien at Teatre Principal d’Olot

Autum 2

24/11/2019 - Presentation of Yo soy Romy: a performative conference about what is called masculinity

Autum 1

9/11/2019 – Premiere of La defensa Alien at Temporada Alta Festival

Summer 2019

This summer Conarte Internacional Company has invited me to participate as a trainer at the 3rd Seminar "A Tempo - Arts and education", a seminar based on the arts and focused on the search for kairós: the quality time, in order to take into account the different learning rhythms of the students. And all with the good company of professionals like Big Bouncers, Marta Roma, Ester Bonal, Carme Hoyas, Sònia Camacho or Allan Owens.

Summer 2019

With Eva Marichalar-Freixa we have released the third episode of We Fear. This research on the nature of fear has led us this time to focus on the subject of death. It has been in Torelló, at Festus Festival. It’s been an intense trip, and the audience loved it! 

Summer 2019

We have premiered the show that celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Pot Petit Company in Olot and it has been a great success! From now on, the tour would take us to ten BIG Catalan theatres. More information about dates and places on the web: