The alien defence of culture

Premiere 9th November 2019 at Temporada Alta FestivalThe alien defence of culture presents the result of a stage research on the ecosystem around contemporary culture.Is culture necessary? Is it not? What are we talking about when we talk about culture? Can it have a transformative capacity? Or, on the contrary, perpetrate endogamy and legitimize power? Are we talking about culture or cultures? Which cultures are the invisible ones and which ones are the hegemonic? For whom and why we work? And, what is the responsibility of the audience, the governments or the creators in today’s world in this field? The alien defence of culture is a performing arts triptych that takes as a common denominator the trajectory and experience of the cultural manager, professor and artist Jordi Duran. Three pieces in one, and each one directed by a different and impressive performing arts professional: Carla Rovira Pitarch, Judit Vidiella Pagès and Marga Socias.