We fear

Fear is a common emotion, it is part of life. Fear paralyzes or protects. It is a weapon and a balm. We have decided to go through it, because fear is the basis of WE FEAR. Or fears. Primary or sophisticated, conscious or unconscious, current and atavistic ones.WE FEAR is a performing arts research that is built on three pillars, three autonomous artistic installations by which the spectator moves freely or guided by the actions that arise. They all share a starting point. They are spaces that have to do with intimacy, vulnerability, transformation, beauty and the fact of being together and alone at the same time.WE FEAR lasts 60 minutes. It is an experience of proximity that can accommodate up to 80 spectators per show, in rounds of two performances per day.WE FEAR is a creation by Virginia Fochs and Dimitri Ialta.With the participation of Daniela Caloca, Xef Vila and Jordi Berch.With the guidance of Jordi Queralt and Carla Rovira.With the support of the Teatre Municipal de l'Escorxador (Lleida).Premiere date - October 19, 2018 at Escena Poblenou Festival (Barcelona).