Dimitri Ialta was born in 2008, in the hall La Planeta from Girona, with the premiere of The Door in the Wall. Since that date he has produced five shows. Each show has meant a new challenge, a beginning and an end in a trajectory based on change, regeneration and continuous learning.

The crowning of Barbarella (2015)

The crowning of Barbarella was a co-production with the TNT festival (Terrassa, October 2015). It was born from the willingness to deconstruct a particular moment in the history of men and women, the start of the 21st century. The crowning of  Barbarella had as its starting point the true story of a family of butchers, women who for generations have lived beyond the conventional roles assigned to men and women. The scene was a mosaic in which lived the arts of movement, video art, as well as the textual exhibition of material distilled during a year by means of a research process in which a group of professionals from different areas was invited to share their experience. In this examination we asked ourselves about what men and women are today, and the validity, functioning or raison d’être of this dichotomy.

The Norwegian twosome (2011)

The Norwegian Twosome premiered at the Municipal Theatre of Lleida (Lleida, March 2011). The starting point of this concert / performance was the classic of H. Ibsen Peer Gynt, a character and a work that we explore from a double journey: the first through the biography of its performers and the second by pop music from the eighties to the present.

The Wrong place(2009)

The wrong place was a co-production with the Panorama Festival (Olot, May 2009), a site-specific show that had the work of seventeen performers in seven different urban spaces, where reality and fiction were constantly entangled and invaded. A piece centred on the inequalities in social rights between the East and West, and in the life and the perception of the reality that the contemporary man could have according to the place in which he was born.

The Door in the wall (2008)

In The Door in the Wall (H.G. Wells) a story was presented from the dialogue between the arts of movement and theatre, disciplines that contributed to revealing different corners of the same chronicle, a story about nostalgia, about the memory of childhood from maturity.

Major and minos sins (2008)

In Major and minor sins (November 2008, Fira Mediterrània), live music was merged with texts of own authorship and poetic work of the troubadour Guillem de Berguedà. A scenic adventure designed to be represented in courtyards and cloisters. An exercise of revision of the tradition from the contemporaneity, where we wondered about the limits of the art and the creation throughout the history.


La guerra d’A. Soler (2011)

Among the most outstanding are the co-production and direction of La Guerra d’A. Soler (2011), an adaptation of the work of the German Kai Hensel Klamms Krieg. A show designed to be represented in secondary schools, in front of secondary school students, focusing on the subject of teen suicide and the ability or not of the current educational system to deal with these types of cases. This project was commissioned by the company Virginia Fochs (Eva Marichalar-Freixa) which had the collaboration of the Goethe-Institut of Barcelona and the Xarxa Foundation.

Les meves raons (2010)

On the other hand, during the years 2010 and 2011 Dimitri Ialta was part of the creative team of Les Meves Raons, an installation project presented in two phases conceived as a tool to sensitize and de-stigmatize people suffering from mental illness. This production brought together the stage designer Llorenç Corbella, the filmmaker Natalia Lloreta, the graphic designer Joanra Burgués as well as the professionals of the  Alba Association of Tàrrega, the Mental Health Day Centre of Tàrrega’and the Ondara Sió Mental Health Association from Cervera. Les Meves Raons was on tour for two years, and incorporated many associated actions, essentially practical workshops, talks and presentations directed to training centres.